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Richard Francis Burton

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The more I study religions the more I am convinced that man never worshiped anything but himself.

— Richard Francis Burton

#religion #religion

Between 2 and 3 in the morning of the 19th inst. I was aroused by the cry that the enemy was upon us.

— Richard Francis Burton

#between #cry #enemy #i #morning

One death to a man is a serious thing: a dozen neutralize one another.

— Richard Francis Burton

#death #dozen #man #neutralize #serious

Support a compatriot against a native, however the former may blunder or plunder.

— Richard Francis Burton

#blunder #former #however #may #native

Travellers, like poets, are mostly an angry race: by falling into a daily fit of passion, I proved to the governor and his son, who were profuse in their attentions, that I was in earnest.

— Richard Francis Burton

#attentions #daily #earnest #falling #fit

Wherever we halted we were surrounded by wandering troops of Bedouins.

— Richard Francis Burton

#surrounded #troops #wandering #were #wherever

About Richard Francis Burton

Richard Francis Burton Quotes

Did you know about Richard Francis Burton?

Burton was never particularly content with this post but it required little work and allowed him the freedom to write and travel. He adopted the alias of Mirza Abdullah and often fooled local people and fellow officers into failing to recognize him. Before leaving for Africa Burton became secretly engaged to Isabel Arundell.

Following this he was engaged by the Royal Geographical Society to explore the east coast of Africa and led an expedition guided by the locals and was the first European to see Lake Tanganyika. Captain Sir Richard Francis Burton KCMG FRGS (19 March 1821 – 20 October 1890) was a British geographer explorer translator writer soldier orientalist cartographer ethnologist spy linguist poet fencer and diplomat. He was a prolific and erudite author and wrote numerous books and scholarly articles about subjects including human behaviour travel falconry fencing sexual practices and ethnography.

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