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Robert Fisk

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I don't know what happens if they get bin Laden. I'm much more interested in what happens if they don't get bin Laden.

— Robert Fisk

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It's a journalist's job to be a witness to history. We're not there to worry about ourselves. We're there to try and get as near as we can, in an imperfect world, to the truth and get the truth out.

— Robert Fisk

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President Bush will come here and there will be new "friends" of America to open a new relationship with the world, new economic fortunes for those who "liberated" them.

— Robert Fisk

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Tanks come in two forms: the dangerous, deadly kind and the "liberating" kind.

— Robert Fisk

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About Robert Fisk

Robert Fisk Quotes

Did you know about Robert Fisk?

In 2001 he was awarded the David Watt Prize for "outstanding contributions towards the clarification of political issues and the promotion of their greater understanding" for his investigation into the Armenian Genocide by the Ottoman Empire in 1915. (.

An Arabic speaker he is one of few Western journalists to have interviewed Osama bin Laden which he did on three occasions between 1993 and 1997. Robert Fisk is an English writer and journalist from Maidstone Kent. Fisk holds more British and International Journalism awards than any other foreign correspondent.

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