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Robert Rainy

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A tendency could not but arise to reconcile with Christian profession a good many modes of life, enjoyments, occupations, social actions and customs, from which the first Christians had recoiled.

— Robert Rainy

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And in times and places where there was not much persecution, people could become and continue Christians who neither were nor professed to be very devoted persons.

— Robert Rainy

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Meanwhile the Church more and more provided for the doctrine of the Holy Spirit, by practically chaining His influence to the hierarchy and the sacraments.

— Robert Rainy

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The advent of a new religion, making serious and impressive claims to embody a new revelation from on high, is not a frequent occurrence.

— Robert Rainy

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The earlier practice of the Church had been more or less to employ in worship under the presidency of the pastor or pastors, the gifts of the congregation.

— Robert Rainy

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About Robert Rainy

Did you know about Robert Rainy?

After the strain of the fight with the so-called "Wee Frees" in 1904-5 his health broke down and he went to Australia for recovery but died at Melbourne on 22 December 1906. To this day the dining Hall in New College is called the Rainy Hall. He had come to the front as a champion of the liberal party in the Union controversy within the Free Church and in combating Dean Stanley's Broad Church views in the interests of Scotch evangelicism; and about 1875 he became the undisputed leader of the Free Church.

Robert Rainy (1 January 1826 – 22 December 1906) was a Scottish Presbyterian divine; his father Dr Harry Rainy Professor of Forensic Medicine in the University of Glasgow was the son of a Sutherland minister.

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