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Samuel Prout

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Poetry does not consist of words alone; there must be sentiment and fancy, combination and arrangement.

— Samuel Prout

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About Samuel Prout

Samuel Prout Quotes

Did you know about Samuel Prout?

Samuel Gillespie Prout followed in his father's footsteps by also painting watercolours. The collection sold at auction in 2010. Until Prout says Ruskin excessive and clumsy artificiality characterized the picturesque: what ruins early artists drew "looked as if broken down on purpose; what weeds they put on seemed put on for ornament".

Samuel Prout (September 17 1783 - February 10 1852) was one of the masters of British watercolour architectural painting. Prout secured the position of Painter in Water-Colours in Ordinary to King George IV in 1829 and afterwards to Queen Victoria. Prout is often compared to his contemporaries; Turner Gainsborough Constable and Ruskin whom he taught.

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