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Simon Raven

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...dusk is the time when men whisper of matters about which they remain silent in the full light of the sun.

— Simon Raven

#dusk #vampires #men

Art for art's sake, money for God's sake.

— Simon Raven

#art #god #sake

Gentlemen can now only behave as such, or be tolerated as such, in circumstances that are manifestly contrived or unreal.

— Simon Raven

#circumstances #contrived #gentlemen #manifestly #now

Scholarship was one thing, drudgery another. I very soon concluded that nothing would induce me to read, let alone make notes on, hundreds and hundreds of very, very, very boring books.

— Simon Raven

#another #books #boring #concluded #drudgery

I loved the Army as an institution and loathed every single thing it required me to do.

— Simon Raven

#every #i #institution #loathed #loved

Nobody minded what you did in bed or what you said about God, a very civilized attitude in 1948.

— Simon Raven

#attitude #bed #civilized #did #god

How can I go on with this? Please God, let me win a football pool.

— Simon Raven

#go #god #how #i #me

About Simon Raven

Did you know about Simon Raven?

He was educated first at Cordwalles preparatory school near Camberley then as a scholarship pupil at Charterhouse whence he was expelled in 1945 for homosexual activities - this despite his cricketing and scholastic prowess. Amongst his school contemporaries were James Prior William Rees-Mogg Oliver Popplewell and Peter May. He was subsequently commissioned into the Oxfordshire and Buckinghamshire Light Infantry before being seconded to the 77th Heavy Ack Ack (Anti Aircraft) Regiment at Rolleston Balloon Camp where he saw out his service.

His unashamed credo was "a robust eighteenth-century paganism. allied to a deep contempt for the egalitarian code of post-war England".

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