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Suzanne Farrell

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There is pain and sacrifice in everyone's world. That's why, when I was dancing, I had no pain.

— Suzanne Farrell

#everyone #had #i #pain #sacrifice

And I just thought, this is what I want to be. And I knew that dancing would be my chosen profession.

— Suzanne Farrell

#dancing #i #just #knew #profession

As soon as I hear music, something in me starts to vibrate.

— Suzanne Farrell

#hear music #i #me #music #something

But what was my motivation was music, and the fact that I love to move around. I'm always moving around.

— Suzanne Farrell

#around #fact #i #i love #love

I could work out a lot of my emotions by going to class and dancing.

— Suzanne Farrell

#could #dancing #emotions #going #i

I didn't care too much for ballet, because you had to be more disciplined, and you sort of looked like everyone else. It required a certain kind of conformity that I didn't feel like I wanted to do.

— Suzanne Farrell

#because #care #certain #conformity #disciplined

I didn't have any doubts about my choice of career, but I had constant doubts about my ability, yes.

— Suzanne Farrell

#about #any #career #choice #constant

I had a wonderful childhood, coming from Cincinnati, and I think that it was great going into the life that I was going to have, where you have to start young as a dancer.

— Suzanne Farrell

#cincinnati #coming #dancer #going #great

I had two sisters, and we would love to get dressed up and pretend that we were chic, sophisticated ladies. And I think that was a great sort of preparation, in a way.

— Suzanne Farrell

#dressed #get #great #had #i

It's ungrateful to be wishing you were doing something else at the moment you are living. You haven't lived in the moment that you are really living, you are wishing you were somewhere else.

— Suzanne Farrell

#else #haven #lived #living #moment

About Suzanne Farrell

Did you know about Suzanne Farrell?


Farrell has received honorary degrees from Harvard Yale University of Notre Dame and Georgetown University among others. She started to develop arthritis in her right hip and despite two years of varied treatments by 1985 (at the age of 40) her career on stage was almost over. In the fall of 1999 Farrell received critical acclaim for the successful Kennedy Center engagement and East Coast tour of Suzanne Farrell Stages the Masters of 20th century Ballet.

She was born as Roberta Sue Ficker in Cincinnati and received her early training at the Cincinnati Conservatory of Music. C. Suzanne Farrell (born August 16 1945) is an eminent 20th century ballerina (often referred to as the greatest American lyric ballerina) and the founder of the Suzanne Farrell Ballet at the Kennedy Center in Washington D.

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