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Thomas Campion

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Follow thy fair sun, unhappy shadow.

— Thomas Campion

#follow #shadow #sun #thy #unhappy

From heav'nly thoughts all true delight doth spring.

— Thomas Campion

#doth #spring #thoughts #true

Never weather-beaten sail more willing bent to shore.

— Thomas Campion

#more #never #sail #shore #willing

Time's fatal wings do ever forward fly; to every day we live, a day we die.

— Thomas Campion

#die #ever #every #every day #fatal

About Thomas Campion

Did you know about Thomas Campion?

Campion is thought to have lived in London practicing as a physician until his death in March 1620 – possibly of the plague. In 1619 he publiThomas Campiond his Epigrammatum Libri II. It was included with annotations by Christopher Sympson in Playford's Brief Introduction to the Skill of Musick and two editions appear to have been publiThomas Campiond by 1660.

Thomas Campion (sometimes Campian) (12 February 1567 – 1 March 1620) was an English composer poet and physician.

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