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As for the music business itself, the key things have not changed that much. It operates like any business and money still keeps things moving.

Tom Jones

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Tom Jones may refer to:
Tom Jones (singer) (born 1940) Welsh singer
Tom Jones (TV series) a 1980–1981 television series starring Tom Jones

Tom Jones (astronaut) (born 1955) American astronaut
Tom Jones (Australian politician) (born 1924) Australian politician representing Collie-Wellington district
Tom Jones (baseball) (1877–1923) American first baseman in Major League Baseball
Tom Jones (bishop) (1903–1972) Anglican bishop of Willochra in Australia
Tom Jones (cricketer) (1901–1935) Welsh cricketer
Tom Jones (footballer born 1899) (1899–1978) Welsh international football fullback who played for Manchester United
Tom Jones (footballer born 1964) football midfielder who played in the 1980s and 1990s with Swindon Town and Reading
Tom Jones (racing driver) (born 1943) American racing driver
Tom Jones (trade unionist) (1822–1916) British trade union activist
Tom Jones (writer) (born 1928) lyricist of musical theater
UK Kid performance name for the British wrestler Tom Jones (born 1982)
In media Tom Jones may refer to:
The History of Tom Jones a Foundling a novel by Henry Fielding publiTom Jonesd in 1749 often known simply as Tom Jones
Tom Jones (film) an Academy Award winning 1963 film based on the Henry Fielding novel
Tom Jones (1917 film) a 1917 British comedy film also based on Fielding's novel
Tom Jones (opera) a 1907 British comic opera also based on Fielding's novel
Tom Jones (Philidor) an 1765 opera by Philidor based on Fielding's novel
Tom Jones (play) a 1964 comedy by David Rogers based on Fielding's novel.

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