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There's probably more in the American tradition than people give the place credit for.

Donald Judd

#american tradition #credit #give #more #people

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Academic work
Judd taught at several academic institutions in the United States: The Allen-Stevenson School (1960s) Brooklyn Institute of Arts and Sciences (1962–64); Dartmouth College Hanover (1966); and Yale University New Haven (1967). The structure is composed of two vertical slabs that rest on the floor to which the bottom component is conjoined and the ceiling of the structure extends to the outer edges of the vertical walls. 4 km²) tract of desert land near Marfa Texas which included the abandoned buildings of the former U.

Nevertheless he is generally considered the leading international exponent of "minimalism" and its most important theoretician through such seminal writings such as "Specific Objects" (1964). It created an outpouring of seemingly effervescent works that defied the term "minimalism".

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