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I don't have any particular beef with Barbara Boxer. My beef is with the official Democratic doctrine that anybody who reaches Boxer's position has to spout and has to endorse.

Mickey Kaus

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During 2003 the daily readership of Kausfiles varied between 15000 and 30000. Political unknown Brian Quintana took second with 14. This post sparked a series of claims of sexual misconduct during Schwarzenegger's bodybuilding and acting career.

He has a brother Stephen Kaus who is a lawyer and occasional commentator on The Huffington Post. His late father was California Supreme Court Associate Justice Otto Kaus a Democrat. Robert Michael Kaus (pronounced /ˈkaʊs/; born July 6 1951) better known as Mickey Kaus is an American journalist pundit and author best known for writing Kausfiles a "mostly political" blog which was featured on Slate until 2010.

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