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In the years just before... during the Carter years, the Soviets regularly violated, if you will, both the spirit and theletter of arms control agreements, I think, that they had negotiated during the period of detente.

Jeane Kirkpatrick

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After the Reagan administration
In 1985 Kirkpatrick became a Republican (which The Economist called her "only recourse" after her speech at the 1984 Republican convention) and returned to teaching at Georgetown University. She "declared that what takes place in the Security Council "more closely resembles a mugging than either a political debate or an effort at problem-solving.

After serving as Ronald Reagan's foreign policy adviser in his 1980 campaign and later in his Cabinet the longtime Democrat-turned-Republican was nominated as the U. S. "
Kirkpatrick served on Reagan's Cabinet on the National Security Council Foreign Intelligence Advisory Board Defense Policy Review Board and chaired the Secretary of Defense Commission on Fail Safe and Risk reduction of the Nuclear Command and Control System.

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