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There's a constant drip and trickle of life that goes into one's awareness really and consciousness of things.

Mike Leigh

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Plays or films would develop organically with actors fully liberated into the creative process. Earlier plays such as Nuts in May and Abigail's Party tended more towards bleakly yet humorously satirising middle-class manners and attitudes. He speaks about the criticism Naked received: "The criticism comes from the kind of quarters where "political correctness" in its worst manifestation is rife.

refine and refine. "
Mike Leigh has been selected to be jury president of the 62nd Berlin International Film Festival. His well-known films include Life is Sweet (1990) the comedy-drama Career Girls (1997) the Gilbert and Sullivan biopic Topsy-Turvy (1999) and the bleak working-class drama All or Nothing (2002).

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