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Alan was always interested in politics in a major way. He actually believes that anarchy is a politically viable system, but I don't. I was always interested in putting forward the ideas that represented my viewpoint. I feel the same about anything I'm doing.

David Lloyd

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1688–1747?) Welsh cleric and translator
David Lloyd (tenor) (1912–1969) British tenor
David Lloyd (botanist) (1937–2006) New Zealand plant scientist and victim of poisoning scandal
David Lloyd (writer) (1934–2009) American television writer
David Lloyd (broadcaster) British radio broadcaster
David Lloyd (comics) (born 1950) illustrator of the graphic novel V for Vendetta
David Lloyd (actor) (born 1955) English actor and screenwriter
David Lloyd (Welsh politician) (born 1956) Welsh politician
David Lloyd (diplomat) (born 1940) former British ambassador to Slovenia
David Lloyd (academic) professor of English and political activist
Gareth David-Lloyd (born 1981) actor who plays Ianto in the television series Torchwood
David Lloyd George (1863–1945) Prime Minister of the United Kingdom during World War I
David Lloyd (musician) singer with Uropa Lula
David Lloyd (sportscaster) SportsCenter anchor for ESPN
David Lloyd (police commissioner) British police commissioner.

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