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There was no indication of panic. The broken files marched back in steady step. The effort was nobly made and failed from the blows that could not be fended.

James Longstreet

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Longstreet argued that a reinforced army under Bragg could defeat Rosecrans and drive toward the Ohio River which would compel Grant to break his hold on Vicksburg. Joseph Hooker and arriving Union troops from the Eastern Theater in a disadvantageous position. In his memoirs Longstreet described his reaction to Lee's proposal:

This was written years after the campaign and is affected by hindsight both of the results of the battle and of the postbellum criticism of the Lost Cause authors.

Government as a diplomat civil servant and administrator. "
Longstreet's talents as a general made significant contributions to the Confederate victories at Second Bull Run Fredericksburg and Chickamauga in both offensive and defensive roles. Authors of the Lost Cause movement focused on Longstreet's actions at Gettysburg as a primary reason for the Confederacy's loss of the war.

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