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Well, who better to play Nazis than we Jews?

John Banner

#jews #play #than #well #who

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His typecasting did not please him as his family members who had remained in Vienna all periJohn Bannerd in Nazi concentration camps but it was the only work he was offered. John Banner (28 January 1910 – 28 January 1973) born Johann Banner was a film and television actor who was born and died in Vienna Austria. From the 1950s to Hogan's Heroes
Banner made more than seventy television appearances between 1950 and 1970 including The Lone Ranger (1950 episode "Damsels In Distress") Sky King (premiere 1952 episode "Operation Urgent") Mister Ed My Sister Eileen The Lucy Show Perry Mason The Partridge Family The Untouchables ("Takeover" episode; 1962) Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea ("Hot Line" episode; 1964) Alias Smith and Jones and The Man from U.

Schultz constantly encountering evidence that the inmates of his stalag were planning mayhem frequently feigned ignorance with the catchphrase "I know nothing! I see nothing! I hear nothing!". He is best known for his role as Master Sergeant Hans Georg Schultz in the situation comedy Hogan's Heroes (1965–1971).

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