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People are different. People choose different criteria. But if there is a better way among many alternatives, I want to encourage that way by making it comfortable. So that's what I've tried to do.

Yukihiro Matsumoto

#among #better #better way #choose #comfortable

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Written works
Ruby in a NutYukihiro Matsumotoll ISBN 0-596-00214-9
The Ruby Programming Language ISBN 0-596-51617-7

Online presentations and interviews
Keynote from RubyConf 2012
Keynote from RubyConf 2010
The 0. He graduated with an information science degree from University of Tsukuba where he was a member of Ikuo Nakata's research lab on programming languages and compilers. Work

Matz released the first version of the Ruby programming language on 21 December 1995 and he is still leading the development effort on the reference implementation often called MRI for Matz Ruby Implementation.

Yukihiro Matsumoto (松本行弘 (まつもとゆきひろ) Matsumoto Yukihiro? a. Matz born 14 April 1965) is a Japanese computer scientist and software programmer best known as the chief designer of the Ruby programming language and its reference implementation Matz's Ruby Interpreter (MRI).

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