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Based on observations of the policies of my own government, I viewed this action as an acceptable option.

Timothy McVeigh

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Quote by Timothy McVeigh

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McVeigh's anti-government rhetoric became more radical. Other than this speeding ticket there is no evidence of a connection between McVeigh and members of the Midwest Bank Robbers at Elohim City. He wrote an angry letter to the government inviting them to:

McVeigh introduced his sister to anti-government literature but his father had little interest in these views.

McVeigh hoped to inspire a revolt against what he considered to be a tyrannical federal government. His execution took place on June 11 2001 at the Federal Correctional Complex in Terre Haute Indiana. McVeigh a militia movement sympathizer sought revenge against the federal government for their handling of the Waco Siege which ended in the deaths of 76 people exactly two years prior to the bombing as well as for the Ruby Ridge incident in 1992.

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