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Most of the approaches to peace between Israel and the Palestinians, have been directed at trying to resolve the most complex problems, like refugees and Jerusalem, which is akin to building the pyramid from the top down.

Benjamin Netanyahu

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Republican Party and its leadership in the House of Representatives. Regarding the Palestinian people he stated: "That they won't be able to face [anymore] the war with us which will include withholding food from Arab cities preventing education terminating electrical power and more.

Following the 2009 parliamentary election in which Likud placed second and right-wing parties won a majority Netanyahu formed a coalition government. Benjamin Netanyahu's older brother Yonatan Netanyahu commander of Sayeret Matkal was killed in 1976 while commanding an Operation Entebbe. In 2005 Benjamin Netanyahu was voted the 18th-greatest Israeli of all time in a poll by the Israeli news website Ynet to determine whom the general public considered the 200 Greatest Israelis.

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