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Period recreation is very difficult unless you make a black-and-white movie.

Alan Parker

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Parker notes Madonna's strong desire to play the role of Evita:

Parker's next film Angela's AAlan Parkers (1999) was again very different from his previous one. According to British novelist and screenwriter Ray Connolly Parker "remains almost defiantly working-class in attitudes. While making the film Parker was forced to examine his own marriage: "It was a painful film to make for me because there were echoes of my own life in it.

Parker was notable early on for making films in a wide range of genres often intentionally doing a film very different than his previous one in order to remain "creatively freAlan Parkerr. "
His films have won nineteen BAFTA awards ten Golden Globes and ten Academy Awards. " Actor Colm Meaney says that "it's the variety of his work that sort of staggers me.

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