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I've always done everything at my disposal to avoid labeling what I do, or to avoid being labeled myself.

Boyd Rice

#avoid #being #disposal #done #everything

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3 (1993 ISBN 0-9764035-3-6)
ANSWER Me! issue No. Clark Camion Noir (2009 ISBN 978-2-35779-010-0)
Standing In Two Circles: The Collected Works of Boyd Rice edited by Brian M. Vale RE/Search Publications
Tyranny of the Beat Mute Records (1991)
Speak of the Devil (1995 VHS) about Anton LaVey directed by Nick Bougas Wavelength Video
Boyd Rice Documentary Part One Joel Haertling (1994)
Boyd Rice Documentary Part Two Joel Haertling (1998)
Pearls Before Swine (1999) directed by Richard Wolstencroft
Nixing The Twist (2000 DVD) directed by Frank Kelly Rich High Crime Films
The Many Moods of Boyd Rice (2002 VHS) Predatory Instinct Productions
Church of Satan Interview Archive (2003 DVD) Purging Talon
Baptism by Fire (Live performance in Bologna Italy) DVD Released by NERO2 (2004)
Frank Tovey by Fad Gadget (documentary) Mute Records (2006)
Iconoclast (2011 release date) Directed by Larry Wessel (www.

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