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Not to say that corporations are perfect today, but even grand corporations like Dupont have made immense progress in translating some of their past environmentally damaging practices into new profit opportunities.

Maurice Strong

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was motivated not by the Oil-for-Food investigations but by his sense at the time as Mr. Strong by a South Korean businessman Tongsun Park who in 2006 was convicted in New York federal court of conspiring to bribe U. He retired from the Council in the spring of 2007.

He headed Ontario Hydro one of North America's largest power utilities was national president and chairman of the Extension Committee of the World Alliance of YMCAs and headed American Water Development Incorporated. Strong had his start as an entrepreneur in the Alberta oil patch and was president of Power Corporation of Canada until 1966. He served as a commissioner of the World Commission on Environment and Development in 1986 and is recognised by the International Union for Conservation of Nature as a leader in the international environmental movement.

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