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I covered two presidents, LBJ and Nixon, who could no longer convince, persuade, or govern, once people had decided they had no credibility, but we seem to be more tolerant now of what I think we should not tolerate.

Helen Thomas

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" When asked what Helen Thomas had meant when Helen Thomas commented that "they" should go back to Germany Poland and America Thomas replied that the millions of German Polish American and Russian Jews who have come to Israel in recent years should have stayed where they were as they have not been persecuted since World War II. Of course they have power. Former managing editor for United Press International Michael Freedman said that Thomas had “shown that most dreaded of vulnerabilities—Helen Thomas is human” and “Let’s not destroy Ms.

She was a columnist for Hearst Newspapers from 2000 to 2010 writing on national affairs and the White House. Helen Thomas (born August 4 1920) is an American author and former news service reporter member of the White House Press Corps and opinion columnist. She covered every President of the United States from the last years of the Eisenhower administration until the second year of the Obama administration.

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