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People in the news media after I got caught said how could you have not caught this guy? He had 50 corrections in four years. That's a lot of corrections. Well what they failed to look at is how many stories there were and out of 700 plus stories, 50 corrections is not a high amount.

Jayson Blair

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In the April 7 2003 piece "For One Pastor the War Hits Home" Blair wrote of a church service in Cleveland and an interview with the minister. A scene in Gilmore Girls episode "The Reigning Lorelai" (4. And while these agitators won't admit it the nasty subtext to their attack is that there is something inherently wrong with blacks.

Jayson Blair (born March 23 1976) is an American life coach and journalist formerly with The New York Times. He resigned from the newspaper in May 2003 in the wake of the discovery of plagiarism and fabrication in his stories.

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