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Napster hijacked our music without asking. They never sought our permission. Our catalog of music simply became available as free downloads on the Napster system.

Lars Ulrich

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And Justice for All) "That Was Just Your Life" (Death Magnetic) "All Nightmare Long" (Death Magnetic) and arguably his most extreme "Dyers Eve" (. Drumheads – Remo
Toms – Coated Emperor | Clear Ambassador
Bass – Clear Powerstroke 3/Powersonic (depending on venue)| Ebony Powerstroke 3
Snare – Coated Controlled Sound (black dot on reverse) | Clear Hazy Ambassador

Hardware – Tama and Drum Workshop
Tama IronCobra Power-Glide Single Pedal (×2)
Tama IronCobra Lever-Glide Hi-Hat Stand
Tama Roadpro Cymbal Stand w/Counterweight (×2)
Tama Roadpro Cymbal Stand (×3)
Tama Roadpro Double Tom Stand
Tama Roadpro Snare Stand
Tama Cymbal Holder (×2)
Tama Multi-Clamp (×2)
Tama Hi-Hat Attachment
Tama Ergo-Rider Drum Throne
DW Drop-Lock Hi-Hat Clutch

Ahead Lars Ulrich Signature Sticks (1994–present)
Calato Regal Tip Lars Ulrich Signature sticks (1981-1993)



Mercyful Fate
In the Shadows (Guest on "Return of the Vampire 1993") (1993). He became known as a pioneer of fast thrash drum beats featured on many of Metallica's early songs such as "Metal Militia" from Kill 'Em All "Fight Fire with Fire" from Ride the Lightning "Battery" and "Damage Inc.

A tennis player in his youth (he is the son of former tennis pro Torben Ulrich) Ulrich moved to Los Angeles California at age sixteen in the summer of 1980 to pursue his training; though rather than playing tennis within his first day in Los Angeles he knew music was his destiny and he picked up the drums. After publishing an advertisement in a local Los Angeles newspaper called The Recycler Ulrich met James Hetfield and formed Metallica.

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