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All the Frank O'Hara types seem to have very little sound stuff going... it's so chatty or something.

Tom Verlaine

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Quote by Tom Verlaine

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About Tom Verlaine

Did you know about Tom Verlaine?

Verlaine soon released a self-titled solo album that began a fruitful 1980s solo career. Discography

Solo albums
Tom Verlaine (1979)
Dreamtime (1981)
Words from the Front (1982)
Cover (1984)
Flash Light (1987)
The Wonder (1990)
Warm and Cool (1992 reissued in 2005)
The Miller's Tale: A Tom Verlaine Anthology (1996)
Songs and Other Things (2006)
Around (2006)

"Always" (1981)
"Postcard from Waterloo" (1982)
"Let Go the Mansion" (1984)
"Five Miles of You" (1984)
"A Town Called Walker" (1987)
"Cry Mercy Judge" (1987)
"The Funniest Thing" (1987)
"Shimmer" (1989)
"Kaleidoscopin" (1990). Vibrato is a large part of Verlaine's style and he makes extensive use of the Jazzmaster's unique vibrato arm.

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