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I had always been intrigued by the emotional aspect of adventure gaming-the fact that people get so personally involved.

Roberta Williams

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I think in the last 5 or 6 years the demographics have really changed now this is my opinion because computers are less expensive so more people can afford them. Though Sierra was sold in 1996 Williams' production credits date to 1999 when Roberta Williams retired from Sierra On-Line. They probably didn't watch television as much and the instant gratification era hadn't quite grown the way it has lately.

Roberta Williams together with Ken Williams is considered one of the most influential video game designers. Roberta Williams (born February 16 1953) is an American video game designer writer and a co-founder of Sierra On-Line (later known as Sierra Entertainment) originally from Simi Valley California. She is most famous for her pioneering work in graphic adventure games such as Mystery House the King's Quest series and Phantasmagoria.

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