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Ever since I've become chairman, there have been profiles of me in People, George, The Washington Post, The Detroit News, and all of them could have been written by the same person.

Julian Bond

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whose devotion to the Confederacy is nearly canine in its uncritical affection" "appeased the wretched appetites of the extreme right wing". A federal District Court panel ruled 2-1 that the Georgia House had not violated any of Bond's federal constitutional rights. The choice fell on state lawmakers under the Georgia Constitution of 1824 because neither major party candidate had polled a majority in the general election.

Bond was elected to four terms in the Georgia House of Representatives and later to six terms in the Georgia Senate having served a combined twenty years in both legislative chambers. He was the first president of the Southern Poverty Law Center. Horace Julian Bond (born January 14 1940) known as Julian Bond is an American social activist and leader in the American civil rights movement politician professor and writer.

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