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Her death contributed to my later interest in studying biochemistry, an interest that has not been fulfilled in the sense that my accomplishments remain more at the basic than the applied level.

Paul D. Boyer

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In 1955 he received a Guggenheim Fellowship and worked with Professor Hugo Theorell on the mechanism of alcohol dehydrogenase. & P. "Energy Capture and Use in Plants and Bacteria.

Walker; the remainder of the Prize in that year was awarded to Danish chemist Jens Christian Skou for his discovery of the Na+/K+-ATPase. He shared the 1997 Nobel Prize in Chemistry for research on the "enzymatic mechanism underlying the biosynthesis of adenosine triphosphate (ATP)" (ATP synthase) with John E. Paul Delos Boyer (born July 31 1918) is an American biochemist analytical chemist and a professor of chemistry at University of California Los Angeles (UCLA).

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