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I remember an era when you could get your nose sliced off for sticking it too far into another man's business. Now you can find out anything about anyone with the click of a button. There is no privacy and no consideration, and everyone is prying into things that aren't their affair. You can probably check on the intertube and find out what color underwear I have on today.

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Other notable songs written by Hill include "The Tramp" "There is Power in a Union" "The Rebel Girl" and "Casey Jones—the Union Scab". IWW
By this time using the name Joe or Joseph Hillstrom (possibly because of anti-union blacklisting) he joined the Industrial Workers of the World (IWW) or Wobblies around 1910 when working on the docks in San Pedro California. Early life
Joel Emmanuel Hägglund was born 1879 in Gävle (then called Gefle) a city in the province of Gästrikland Sweden.

Hill was convicted of the murders in a controversial trial. In a recently discovered letter Erickson confirmed her relationship with the two men and the rivalry between them. According to the biography Joe Hill and his friend and fellow countryman Otto Appelquist were rivals for the attention of twenty-year-old Hilda Erickson a member of the family with whom the two men were lodging.

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