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I do not like the killers, and the killing bravely and well crap. I do not like the bully boys, the Teddy Roosevelt’s, the Hemingways, the Roarks. They are merely slightly more sophisticated versions of the New Jersey file clerks who swarm into the Adirondacks in the fall, in red cap, beard stubble and taut hero’s grin, talking out of the side of their mouths, exuding fumes of bourbon, come to slay the ferocious white-tailed deer. It is the search for balls. A man should have one chance to bring something down. He should have his shot at something, a shining running something, and see it come a-tumbling down, all mucus and steaming blood stench and gouted excrement, the eyes going dull during the final muscle spasms. And if he is, in all parts and purposes, a man, he will file that away as a part of his process of growth and life and eventual death. And if he is perpetually, hopelessly a boy, he will lust to go do it again, with a bigger beast.

John D. MacDonald

#killing #manhood #masculinity #death

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And while I was slowly finding that clarity manuscripts book proposals and copies of books by recommended authors rolled in. The novel Cry Hard Cry Fast was adapted as a two-part episode of the TV series Run for Your Life in November 1967. I was very impressed by the logic of the denial and by the empathy shown to the person making the request.

His best-known works include the popular and critically acclaimed Travis McGee series and his novel The Executioners which was adapted into the film Cape Fear. National Book Award in the one-year category Mystery. John Dann MacDonald (July 24 1916 – December 28 1986) was an American writer of novels and short stories known for his thrillers.

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