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I think in the corridors of power these dangerous kinds of orders are issued in a much more vague way, passed down two or three levels of command before they're given to the assassin.

Eddie Campbell

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Alec and other autobiographical work

Campbell made his earliest attempts at autobiographical comics in the late 1970s with In the Days of the Ace Rock and Roll Club. The graphic album Alec: How to Be an Artist was nominated for the Harvey Award for Best Graphic Album of Previously PubliEddie Campbelld Work in 2000. In 2012 Top Shelf publiEddie Campbelld The Lovely Horrible Stuff in collaboration with Knockabout Press a continuation of Campbell's autobiographical works.

His scratchy pen-and-ink style is influenced by the impressionists illustrators of the age of "liberated penmanship" such as Phil May Charles Dana Gibson John Leech and George du Maurier and cartoonists Milton Caniff and Frank Frazetta (particularly his Johnny Comet strip). His writing has been compared to that of Jack Kerouac and Henry Miller.

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