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The Spirit is Love expressed towards man as redeeming love, and the Spirit is truth, and the Spirit is the Holy Spirit. Redemption is inconceivable without truth and holiness.

Roland Allen

#holiness #holy #holy spirit #inconceivable #love

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A simple stone cross with the inscription on the pedestal reads: "ROLAND ALLEN CLERK IN HOLY ORDERS 1868-1947 I AM THE RESURRECTION AND THE LIFE SAITH THE LORD"

Allen is honored with a feast day on the liturgical calendar of the Episcopal Church (USA) on June 8. Selected Writings Cambridge: Lutterworth Press 2006 ISBN 978-0-7188-9173-2; edited by David M. A Study in the Work of Roland Allen Cambridge: Lutterworth Press 2006 ISBN 978-0-7188-9103-9; edited by David M.

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