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With my early work I got eviscerated by my male professors, and so you learned to disguise your impulses, as many women have done. And that's definitely changed.

Judy Chicago

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During this time Chicago also began exploring her own sexuality in her work. The works blended colors to create an illusion that the shapes "turn dissolve open close vibrate gesture wiggle" representing her own discovery that "I was multi-orgasmic. She created the Pasadena Lifesavers which was a series of abstract paintings that placed acrylic paint on Plexiglas.

Chicago's work incorporates skills stereotypically placed upon women artistically such as needlework counteracted with stereotypical male skills such as welding and pyrotechnics. Born in Chicago Illinois as Judith Cohen Judy Chicago changed her name after the death of her father and her first husband choosing to disconnect from the idea of male dominated naming conventions. Judy Chicago (born 1939) is an American feminist artist and writer known for her large collaborative art installation pieces which examine the role of women in history and culture.

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