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If we prove capable of showing a pioneering commitment, we shall create a commmunity listened to around the world.

Jacques Chirac

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He reluctantly supported Giscard in the second round. Claude has long worked as a public relations assistant and personal adviser while Laurence who suffered from anorexia nervosa in her youth does not participate in the political activities of her father. His character for a while developed a superhero alter ego Super Menteur ("Super Liar") in order to get him out of embarrassing situations.

Chirac is the second-longest serving President of France (two full terms the first of seven years and the second of five years) after François Mitterrand. He also argued for more socially responsible economic policies and was elected in 1995 after campaigning on a platform of healing the "social rift" (fracture sociale). Chirac's internal policies included lower tax rates the removal of price controls strong punishment for crime and terrorism and business privatisation.

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