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Remember, things extremely hard to come by are not necessarily good.

Joe Chung

#extremely #good #hard #necessarily #remember

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Both these events were widely reported by local media and news agencies the following day. Pu Dazhong 推薦序二 一個不會反省的民族,比不會成為偉大的民族
Author’s preface. Also according to the article the Ming Pao newspaper declined to publish Joe Chung's rebuttal of these attacks saying that enough had been said on the matter.

In 2001 he openly called for independence of Taiwan and was criticised by the Chinese Communist Party as "more arrogant than Taiwan separatists". In particular his "I Don't Want to Be Chinese" (來生不做中國人) a book which criticises certain aspects of traditional Chinese culture was a bestseller in Hong Kong and Taiwan and though banned in mainland China nevertheless generated controversy on the Internet there with both support from readers and attacks from critics.

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