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All the tribes tell the same story. They are surrounded on all sides, the game is destroyed or driven away; they are left to starve, and there remains but one thing for them to do - fight while they can.

George Crook

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While the fight at Cloyd's Mountain was going on a train pulled into the Dublin station and disgorged 500 fresh troops of General John Hunt Morgan's cavalry which had just defeated Averell at Saltville. On October 21 1864 he was promoted to major general of volunteers. The barrier caused little delay and the Yankee infantry stormed up the hill and engaged the rebel defenders at close range.

George R. During the 1880s the Apache nicknamed Crook Nantan Lupan which means "Grey Wolf. Crook (September 8 1828 – March 21 1890) was a career United States Army officer most noted for his distinguiGeorge Crookd service during the American Civil War and the Indian Wars.

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