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The facts are the vice president's company that he was CEO of, that did business with sworn enemies of the United States, paid millions of dollars in fines for providing false financial information, it's under investigation for bribing foreign officials.

John Edwards

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In the vice-presidential debate Dick Cheney told Edwards they had never met because of Edwards' frequent absences from the Senate but that was later proven to be incorrect. In August 2009 Rielle Hunter appeared before the grand jury investigating this matter. When asked about an increase in Caesarean deliveries nationwide perhaps to avoid similar medical malpractice lawsuits Edwards said "The question is would you rather have cases where that happens instead of having cases where you don't intervene and a child either becomes disabled for life or dies in utero?"
In 1993 Edwards began his own firm in Raleigh (now named Kirby & Holt) with a friend David Kirby.

Following Kerry's loss to incumbent President George W. Edwards's trial began on April 23 2012 and had he been convicted he would have faced up to 30 years in prison and a $1.

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