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Mental agitations and eating cares are more injurious to health, and destructive of life, than is commonly imagined, and could their effects be collected, would make no inconsiderable figure in the bills of mortality.

William Falconer

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Falconer was the son of a barber in Edinburgh where he was born became a sailor and was thus thoroughly competent to describe the management of the storm-tossed vessel the career and fate of which are described in his poem The Shipwreck (1762) a work of genuine though unequal talent. Falconer's poems were used by Patrick O'Brian in his Aubrey-Maturin series. External links
William Falconer's Dictionary of the Marine (National Library of Australia).

In 1769 he publiWilliam Falconerd The Universal Marine Dictionary. One of his lesser characters is a nautical poet but his poems are Falconer's. Falconer was purser on the frigate Aurora when it was lost after rounding the Cape of Good Hope on a voyage when it left from London on 20 September 1769.

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