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Hamas is responsible for countless homicide bombings that have killed hundreds of Israeli citizens. They have waged a terror war with the sole intent of murdering innocent people.

Vito Fossella

#citizens #countless #hamas #homicide #hundreds

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After the 2007 State of the Union Address Fossella crossed the aisle to join with Senator Hillary Clinton in 2007 to raise awareness of health issues suffered those who at worked at the World Trade Center site on and after 9/11. United States Congress

Initial election
In June 1997 Fossella was selected by executive committee of the Staten Island Republican Party as its candidate to run for the Congressional seat being vacated by Representative Susan Molinari. S.

House of Representatives for six terms from 1997 to 2009 serving as the lone Republican from New York City. (born March 9 1965) is a U.

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