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I made a written report which is still today in existence. I have a photocopy of it, and I am saying that in production this aircraft could perhaps substitute for three propeller- driven aircraft of the best existing type. This was my impression.

Adolf Galland

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On 25 June 1983 he entertained them at his home in Oberwinter outside Bonn on the River Rhine. Galland supported the conversion of units such as Jagdgeschwader 300 to the Sturmbock role. Galland accepted on the understanding Gollob have no jurisdiction over him or his unit.

Later he returned to Germany and managed his own business. In March 1945 Galland returned to operational flying and formed a jet fighter unit which Galland called Jagdverband 44. In November 1941 he replaced Werner Mölders who was killed in a flying accident as Germany's commander of the Fighter Force (General der Jagdflieger) staying in this position until January 1945 when he was relieved of his command because of his constant criticism of the Luftwaffe senior leadership climaxing in the Fighter Pilots Conspiracy.

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