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My view... would be that we are entering upon a new and interim society which is neither capitalist nor socialist, but in which we can achieve central planning without loss of individual initiative, by the mere process of absorbing initiative in the function of planning.

John Grierson

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It premiered in a private film club in London in November 1929 on a double-bill with Eisenstein's then controversial film The Battleship Potemkin (which was banned from general release in Britain until 1954) and received high praise from both its sponsors and the press. In Grierson's view a way to counter these problems was to involve citizens in their government with the kind of engaging excitement generated by the popular press which simplified and dramatized public affair. Brian Salt 1938)
They Made the Land (dir.

In 1926 Grierson coined the term "documentary" in a review of Robert Flaherty's Moana. John Grierson (26 April 1898 – 19 February 1972) was a pioneering Scottish documentary maker often considered the father of British and Canadian documentary film.

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