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All the New York City Ballet does is hit beautiful home runs.

John Guare

#beautiful #beautiful home #city #does #hit

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These historic dramas investigate the violence at the root of American identity and the failure of utopian aspirations. The House of Blue Leaves (1971) a domestic drama by turns wildly comic and despairingly desperate moved Guare into the front ranks of American dramatists. A Few Stout Individuals returns to nineteenth century America with a cast that includes Ulysses S.

We try to fight it all by creating various mythologies and it is Guare's peculiar aptitude for exposing these grandiose lies of ours that makes his work so magical. In the foreword to a collection of Guare's plays film director Louis Malle writes:
Guare practices a humor that is synonymous with lucidity exploding genre and clichés taking us to the core of human suffering: the awareness of corruption in our own bodies death circling in. [citation needed].

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