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With today's fast films, you can light the way your eye sees the scene. You can abuse the film and create subtleties in contrast with light and exposure, diffusion and filters. That's what makes it an art.

Conrad Hall

#art #contrast #create #diffusion #exposure

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About Conrad Hall

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Early life and career
Born in Papeete Tahiti French Polynesia Hall was the son of writer James Norman Hall and Sarah (Lala) Winchester Hall who was part-Polynesian. Hall received three Academy Awards for Best Cinematography for Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid (1969) American Beauty (1999) and Road to Perdition (2002) (the last two directed by friend Sam Mendes who dedicated Road to Perdition to Hall). Hall Kate Hall-Feist and Naia Hall-West.

Conrad Lafcadio Hall ASC (June 21 1926 – January 6 2003) was an American cinematographer from Papeete Tahiti French Polynesia. For his work he garnered a number of awards including three Academy Awards and BAFTA Awards.

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