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Read through the most famous quotes by topic #chasing

We still spend more time chasing funds than we do in the studio in creative work.

Alvin Ailey

#creative #creative work #funds #more #spend

But she'd forgotten. She'd forgotten because she'd been so busy thinking of her own fucking feelings. As if she fucking mattered.

Stacia Kane


Rolling flat onto his back, Drake shuddered. Then he inhaled deeply. He stared up at the night sky. "We're going to win," he said, his voice calmer, less strained. "This is nothing. Keep going. They can't stop us. Jason, give Rachel the necklace. Tell her . . . tell her I'm sorry. Tell her . . . I wanted . . . to show her . . . my little valley. Tell her I tried." His voice was growing weak. Farfalee smoothed a hand over his brow. "Shhh," she whispered. "Be still, Drake. You can rest now. You did it. Rest. We'll take it from here." "Failie," he whispered, his hand twitching toward the back of his neck with little jerks. "Where's my seed?" His head tipped sideways. The breath went out of him.

Brandon Mull

#brandon #chasing #death #drake #dying

What happens to a dream deferred?

Langston Hughes

#dreams #poem #poetry #dreams

The world’s crawling with stupid, innocent girls, and I’m just one of them, self-consciously chasing after dreams that will never come true.

Haruki Murakami

#dreaming #innocence #naivete #dreams

He patted my shoulder. "What's up with you? All of a sudden, you're bucking the system." "i got drunk and had an epiphany." "Shit, this is serious!" He gasped. "Last time that happened to me, i woke up gay.

J.C. Isabella

#funny #funny

I love romantic comedy, but I think you have to have another idea that you're chasing along with romantic comedy.

James L. Brooks

#another #chasing #comedy #i #i love

I realized I’d learned something about myself. I was like ‘oh man, I’ve let this go’ now I’m starting to talk about it like it’s over and it hadn’t even begun.

Tegan Quin

#love #sara-quin #tegan-and-sara #tegan-quin #love

What America is, to me, is a guy doesn't want to buy, you let him not buy, you respect his not buying. A guy has a crazy notion different from your crazy notion, you pat him on the back and say, Hey pal, nice crazy notion, let's go have a beer. America, to me, should be shouting all the time, a bunch of shouting voices, most of them wrong, some of them nuts, but please, not just one droning glamorous reasonable voice.

George Saunders

#america #americans #buying #craziness #difference

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