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Read through the most famous quotes by topic #craig

If there is a better singer in England than Craig David, then I am Margaret Thatcher.

Elton John

#better #better singer #craig #david #england

Every instance in my life, I've felt like the exact opposite of Superman. Except this time, this moment right now. I don't care. I don't feel like a weak, insipid sissy. Because right now I know I would save the girl. I know that I would rather risk the planet than let harm befall Eliza Wishart. I would save her in a second. Because I can imagine her and me huddled safe together while the earth falls under evil designs, but I can't imagine the world without her in it.

Craig Silvey

#jasper-jones #superman #young-love #design

The only bone in my body he ever loved was his.

Vicki Pettersson

#kat-craig #paul-riiggio #love

I feel as though I should say something profound, or enact some rite, or trade something to make it official. I want to transfer some trinket which would allow me to say that she's my girl, some kind of currency that proves to people that she likes me back. Something that would permit me to think about her all the time without feeling guilty or helpless or hopelessly far away. I guess I'm just so excited, I want to cage this thing like a tiny red bird so if can't fly away, so it stays the same, so it's still there the next time. For keeps, like a coin in your pocket. Like a peach pit from Mad Jack Lionel's tree. Like scribbled words in a locked suitcase. A bright balloon to tie to your bedpost. And you want to hug it close, hold it, but not so tight it bursts.

Craig Silvey

#happiness #jasper-jones #young-love #love

Well, see, I think it's that most people don't like that lonely feeling. People don't like looking up and feeling small or lost. That's what I think prayer is all about. It doesn't matter which stories they believe in, they're all doing the same thing, kind of casting a line out to outer space, like there's something out there to connect to. It's like people make themselves part of something bigger that way, and maybe it makes them less afraid.

Craig Silvey

#craig-silvey #faith #fear #jasper-jones #people

I don't understand a thing about this world: about people, and why they do the things they do. The more I find out, the more I uncover, the more I know, the less I understand.

Craig Silvey

#jasper-jones #knowledge #life #understanding #life

...there’s few on Earth as can cut a man deeper than his childless wife.

Craig Russell

#craig-russell #marriage #wife #marriage

The reason I went for Jenny Craig is I thought, Maybe I'm not the only one who has stupid reasons for getting fat.

Kirstie Alley

#fat #getting #i #maybe #only

I was dreaming of Craig Carton.

Boomer Esiason

#dreaming #i

I'm quite looking forward to the fact that people know me as Richard rather than Craig.

Richard Fleeshman

#fact #forward #i #know #looking

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