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Read through the most famous quotes by topic #disciples

There are no shortcuts to maturity in discipleship; it was, is, and always will be learned over time and under pressure walking in union with Christ." ~R. Alan Woods [2013]

R. Alan Woods

#experientially #maturity #r-alan-woods #union-with-christ #r-alan-woods

‎Those who aren't following Jesus aren't his followers. It's that simple. Followers follow, and those who don't follow aren't followers. To follow Jesus means to follow Jesus into a society where justice rules, where love shapes everything. To follow Jesus means to take up his dream and work for it.

Scot McKnight

#church #discipleship #faith #jesus #religion

We need to shed our unearthly and nonsocial and idealistic and romantic and uber-spiritual visions of kingdom and get back to what Jesus meant. By kingdom, Jesus means: God's Dream Society on earth, spreading out from the land of Israel to encompass the whole world.

Scot McKnight

#discipleship #hope #inspirational #justice #religion

Jesus, Willard says, “does not call us to do what he did, but to be as he was, permeated with love. Then the doing of what he did and said becomes the natural expression of who we are in him.

Dallas Willard


If there is no element of asceticism in our lives, if we give free rein to the desires of the flesh (taking care of course to keep within the limits of what seems permissible to the world), we shall find it hard to train for the service of Christ. When the flesh is satisfied it is hard to pray with cheerfulness or to devote oneself to a life of service which calls for much self-renunciation.

Dietrich Bonhoeffer

#christ #christianity #discipleship #discipline #fasting

Let not him who accepts light in an instant despise him who gropes months in shadows.

Elisabeth Elliot

#salvation #life

Jesus-shaped spirituality hears Jesus say "believe and repent," but the call that resonates most closely in the heart of a disciple is "follow me." The command to follow requires that we take a daily journey in the company of other students. It demands that we be lifelong learners and that we commit to constant growth in spiritual maturity. Discipleship is a call to me, but it is a journey of "we.

Michael Spencer

#internet-monk #jesus #spirituality #spiritual-growth

I do not politicize Christianity nor my discipleship as Jesus did not politicize either His divinity nor his humanity.

R. Alan Woods

#discipleship #humanity-humans #politicization #r-alan-woods #r-alan-woods

Don't get me wrong, I like NASCAR and shopping at Nordstrom's, but discipleship is intrinsic as a lifestyle." ~R. Alan Woods [2013]

R. Alan Woods

#lifestyle #r-alan-woods #spirituality #r-alan-woods

Many pastors have been reduced to secular "mentors" and "coaches" in exchange for authentic disciplers of men.

John Paul Warren

#john-paul-warren #leadershio #mentors #men

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