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Dallas Willard

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We live in a culture that has, for centuries now, cultivated the idea that the skeptical person is always smarter than one who believes. You can almost be as stupid as a cabbage as long as you doubt.

— Dallas Willard

#doubt #faith #faith

The aim of God in history is the creation of an all-inclusive community of loving persons, with Himself included in that community as its prime sustainer and most glorious inhabitant.

— Dallas Willard

#god #the-church #love

The cautious faith that never saws off a limb on which it is sitting, never learns that unattached limbs may find strange unaccountable ways of not falling.

— Dallas Willard

#god #provision #faith

Jesus, Willard says, “does not call us to do what he did, but to be as he was, permeated with love. Then the doing of what he did and said becomes the natural expression of who we are in him.

— Dallas Willard


I think that, when I die, it might be some time until I know it.

— Dallas Willard

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The humility that cringes in order that reproof may be escaped or favor obtained is as unchristian as it is profoundly immoral.

— Dallas Willard

#obsequiousness #relationship

The idea of having faith in Jesus has come to be totally isolated from being his apprentice and learning how to do what he said.

— Dallas Willard

#faith #faith

Play is the creation of value that is not necessary.

— Dallas Willard

#leisure #imagination

If you don't have a teacher you can't have a disciple.

— Dallas Willard

#teacher #you

About Dallas Willard

Dallas Willard Quotes

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Dallas Albert Willard (born September 4 1935) is an American philosopher also known for his writings on Christian spiritual formation. His work in philosophy has been primarily in phenomenology particularly the work of Edmund Husserl.

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