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For one week, all I could think about was drinking margaritas--well, that and running my tongue along Reyes's teeth--but I didn't have salt--or Reyes's teeth. I'd also lacked the energy to leave my apartment to get some--or the desire to stoop low enough to beg Reyes to let me lick his teeth after what he did--so I could only wish for a margarita. And dream of Reyes's teeth. I'd secretly hoped a margarita would magically appear in my hand, but that would mean I would have to put down the remote, and God knew that was not going to happen.

Darynda Jones

#margarita #dreams

If we knew how to find the lost, we would know how to rediscover the parts of our minds left behind in battle.

Margarita Engle

#poetry #the-surrender-tree #war #freedom

It's 4:58 on Friday afternoon. Do you know where your margarita is?

Amy Neftzger

#drinking #friday #humor #humorous #margarita

That’s the last time I put you in charge of the tequila when we’re making margaritas

JoAnne Kenrick

#gypsy #haunted #joanne-kenrick #margarita #margaritas

Just like a murderer jumps of nowhere in an ally, love jumped out in front of us and struck us both at once

Michail Bulgakov


In front of me 327 pages of the manuscript [Master and Margarita] (about 22 chapters). The most important remains - editing, and it's going to be hard. I will have to pay close attention to details. Maybe even re-write some things... 'What's its future?' you ask? I don't know. Possibly, you will store the manuscript in one of the drawers, next to my 'killed' plays, and occasionally it will be in your thoughts. Then again, you don't know the future. My own judgement of the book is already made and I think it truly deserves being hidden away in the darkness of some chest. [Bulgakov from Moscow to his wife on June 15 1938]

Mikhail Bulgakov

#letter #master-and-margarita #russia #samizdat #writing

Margarita was never short of money. She could buy whatever she liked. Her husband had plenty of interesting friends. Margarita never had to cook. Margarita knew nothing of the horrors of living in a shared flat. In short... was she happy? Not for a moment.

Mikhail Bulgakov

#friends #happiness #husband #inspirational #life

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