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Read through the most famous quotes by topic #menopause

Dorothy is the only woman in history who has had her menopause in public and made it pay.

Alice Roosevelt Longworth

#had #her #history #made #menopause

I certainly hope I'm not still answering child-star questions by the time I reach menopause.

Christina Ricci

#by the time #certainly #hope #i #menopause

Women know when they've got the menopause but men don't quite know. They know it afterwards.

Omar Sharif

#got #know #men #menopause #quite

I did many interviews, and went out and talked to many people and went to rallies. It was the same thing with menopause. I traveled around the country on talk shows and talking to women about.

Cybill Shepherd

#around #country #did #i #interviews

It's okay to talk about birth, okay - then menstruation. I first started my advocacy for women's health in the field of reproductive freedom, and the next stage would be bringing menopause out of the closet.

Cybill Shepherd

#advocacy #birth #bringing #closet #field

I'm what is known as perimenopausal. "Peri", some of you may know, is a Latin prefix meaning 'SHUT YOUR FLIPPIN' PIE HOLE".

Celia Rivenbark

#menopause #humor

What you believe can change your experience.

Staness Jonekos

#nonfiction #women-s-health #beauty

[Hot flashes] are the prime cause of sleep disruption in women over age fifty, Suzanne Woodward of Wayne State University School of Medicine reports. Her studies show that hot flashes in sleep occur about once an hour. Most prompt an arousal of three minutes or longer. Independently of their hot flashes, women who have them still awaken briefly every eight minutes on average. The sleep process dramatically blunts memory for awakenings, Woodward said, and in the morning women seldom realize how poorly they slept. Instead, they often focus on the daytime consequences of poor sleep, which include fatigue, lethargy, mood swings, depression, and irritability. Many women and their doctors, Woodward said, dismiss such symptoms as "just menopause." This is a mistake, she suggested, because treatment can reduce or eliminate hot flashes, aid sleep, relieve other symptoms, and improve a woman's quality of life. Treatment also helps keep frequent awakenings from becoming a bad habit that continues after hot flashes subside.

Michael Smolensky

#sleep #women-s-health #age

Rock and menopause do not mix. It is not good, it sucks and every day I fight it to the death, or, at the very least, not let it take me over.

Stevie Nicks

#death #every #every day #fight #good

The first indication of menopause is a broken thermostat. It's either that or your weight. In any case, if you don't do something, you could be dead by August. God, middle age is an unending insult.

Dorothea Benton Frank

#menopause #middle-age #age

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