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The Green Man has also become synonymous with Cernunnos, the Celtic horned God, often portrayed in Celtic art as part man, part stag, who roams the greenwood wild and free. He is a character of strength and power, but often sadly mistaken for the devil by the Christian fraternity due to his horned appearance.

Carole Carlton

#carole-carlton #celtic-hroned-good #cernunnos #imbolc #irish-celts

Legend has it that during the festival of Eostre, all fires had to be extinguished in the Goddess’ honour and could only be relit from a sacred flame in the centre of the village. The new fire was seen as a symbol of sacredness and purity, something which everyone wanted to bring into their homes at such a lovely time of year when everything was fresh and new.

Carole Carlton

#carole-carlton #festival-of-eostre #imbolc #irish-celts #lughnasadh

And for those of you who want to start any trouble, I have a zero tolerance policy. . . .

Simone Elkeles


The festival of the summer solstice speaks of love and light, of freedom and generosity of spirit. It is a beautiful time of year where vibrant flowers whisper to us with scented breath, forests and woodlands hang heavy in the summer’s heat and our souls become enchanted with midsummer magic.

Carole Carlton

#carole-carlton #festival-of-the-summer-solstice #imbolc #irish-celts #lughnasadh

I love New York. You can pop out of the Underworld in Central Park, hail a taxi, head down Fifth Avenue with a giant hellhound loping along behind you, and nobody even looks at you funny. Of course, the Mist helped. People probably couldn't see Mrs. O'Leary, or maybe they thought she was a large,loud,very friendly truck.

Rick Riordan

#new-york-city #percy-jackson #funny

I want a one hundred percent guarantee that they’ll all be fine.” I tell Mrs. Garcia. She pats my knee. “Unfortunately, there are no guarantees in life.

Simone Elkeles

#mrs-garcia #life

The festival of the spring equinox speaks of freshness and youth, of excitement and endless possibilities. Nature begins to quicken and early flowers open to the warmth of the strengthening sun, bringing the colours of lemon and yellow into our lives on the wings of a March wind.

Carole Carlton

#carole-carlton #imbolc #irish-celts #lughnasadh #moon-magic

footnote: "With all due respect" is grown-up talk for "I think you're stupid.

Dan Gutman


I have since learned that although the festival of Imbolc was far less romantic and far more practical to our Celtic ancestors than the initial image portrayed to me by Mrs Darley, it was no less magical, for it marked the beginning of the lambing season which to the Celts meant the difference between survival and extinction.

Carole Carlton

#carole-carlton #imbolc #irish-celts #lughnasadh #moon-magic

Horned humans are not unknown to medical science as there is a rare skin disease, which goes by the name of ‘Cornu Cutaneum’, a cutaneous growth, which resembles a horn and grows from the scalp.

Carole Carlton

#carole-carlton #cornu-cutaneum #horned-humans #horns-from-the-scalp #imbolc

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